Penang Street Food: We Were Scrapin’ the Crab

Hawker stalls in a Penang night market
Hawker stalls tempt locals in a Penang night market

I dove into the deliciousness that is Penang, Malaysia’s street food among the hawker stalls of one of the city’s ubiquitous night markets. It was there I met pure, mouthwatering bliss in the form of $2 giant stuffed crabs, fish ball soup and more.

Malaysia’s cuisine, much like it’s culture, is under the delectable influence of many cultures, in particular Indian and Chinese, and the food I’ve encountered thus far has been a pitch perfect blend of tang, spice, sweet, sour – heck, you name it – flavorful goodness.

See below for a brief recap of the “Git in Mah Belly, Street Food!” evening. For more photos of gorging (and Penang), check out my Flickr album.

Laksa, or thick noodle soup with fish balls – a tangy delight!
Kokkien Char
Kokkien Char, Chinese noodle and porky goodness.
Scrapin' the crab!
Scrapin’ the crab!
Fried oyster goodness
Fried oyster goodness


  1. After all this exotic, multinational food can I ever give you a hot dog again, or a hamburger, or plain old corn on the cob??!! Your tummy and taste buds have been exposed to so much oolala can they ever go plain again?? We’ll just have to fancy up everything for awhile!

  2. Maybe she’ll just carry around a personal vat of sriracha so she can douse every hot dog and Hot Pocket she encounters stateside.

  3. Valerie Conners says:

    oh, you know I’ll still eat everything. Always. 🙂

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