I Heart Asian Mega-Mall Madness

The world can thank America for introducing it to the gluttony of commerce that is the modern-day mall. However, I’d argue we have Asia to thank for taking that commercialism, blowing it up by about 10,000, and mastering the enormous art of the behemoth mega-mall. It’s a land where anything is possible, dreams I didn’t know I had are realized, and food is consumed in gluttonous proportions.

God help me, it’s my newest obsession here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where mega-malls seem to rise from all streets and corners.

Behold, the typical 10-story mall:

Times Square Mall, KL

Oh, but you say you’re not in the mood to shop? Why not hop aboard one of the roller coasters that are inside the mall’s AMUSEMENT PARK?

Mall amusement park

And if you want your hair cut and styled …

mall hair salon

Salons are plenty, but curly girls beware: the Asian hairstylist may want your curls to turn poker straight.

Now that your hair’s did, why not test your skills at the bowling alley …

bowling alley
Or the archery range!


Now, you’ve probably worked up a serious appetite with all the good times. Why not pork out on some fatty American favorites?

fast food
Perhaps you, too, can’t get enough of the mega mall! If so, check out more photos of the madness and the rest of Kuala Lumpur, on Flickr.


  1. Love “the gluttony of commerce”!!

  2. Robert Levy says:

    Singapore wins in the mega mall dept. It is such a small island, covered with giant malls.

    • Valerie Conners says:

      oh dear – i don’t think I’ll be in Singapore this trip – I’ll have to keep dreaming…

  3. Dearest..are you really blond??!!n Looks great but you know I love it best curly!!! Have fun with you new “do”. Love and hugs, Momala