I AM Wine!

La Veranda rose, charcuterie and cheese
La Veranda rose, charcuterie and cheese

New Zealand is a Mecca of sorts for wine lovers, and visiting its renowned vineyards and wine regions has been one of the many many reasons I’ve looked forward to an EnZed trip. Now, let the wine tours commence!

We started in Hawke’s Bay, hitting Esk Valley, Clearview and Te Mata wineries, then yesterday moved on to the Marlborough region, where we enjoyed some amazing Sauvignon Blancs and roses at various wineries, including Domaine George Michel and Hunter’s all while surrounded by remarkably gorgeous environs – sprawling vines and looming mountain peaks.

And just to make things even more civilized than ever, we indulged in some lunchtime charcuterie and cheese platters at La Veranda, the cafe attached to Domaine George Michel winery. HEAVENLY.

Marlborough's vineyards, New Zealand
Marlborough’s vineyards, New Zealand


  1. Hopefully you weren’t piloting the “Little Sparrow” after enjoying the numerous wines of the region. Otherwise I can picture you, head leaning out the driver-side window, yelling “Son of a bitch!” a la Kevin Klein in “A Fish Called Wanda,” at the oncoming traffic as you drive on the right (but incorrect) side of the road.

  2. That looked really yummy!!! New Zealand looks gorgeous!!! I would LOVE to visit one day!!! 🙂

    • Valerie Conners says:

      oooh – make it a point! definitely the most natural beauty of anywhere i’ve been on this trip.

  3. That cheese plate? Amazing! I would very much like a nibble right now!

    • Valerie Conners says:

      oh lady – I wish you had been there! you would have appreciated it all so much!

  4. This picture goes beyond Heaven. It’s downright Food Porn-tastic!

    But I CAN NOT begin to tell you how much this photo HURTS ME! LOL. I am CRAVING wine like NOBODY’S BUSINESS!!! LOL

    Soon enough, I know. But geez!

  5. That spread looks so lovely!