You Deserve

you deserve

A few weeks ago, I grew inspired reading a blog post from my indefatigable friend Roz, titled, “you are allowed.” It was simple, really: a reminder to allow ourselves to follow our hearts, passions, urges, inklings — no matter how grandiose or minuscule. There was no harping or needling here, just a note of all the things we are allowed, by virtue of being human, to do if our little, beating hearts desire.

I did a mini fist-pump in the air after I read this sweet missive, having a, “Yeah! Rock on! I AM allowed!” moment. Then, I had a flash:

“You deserve.”

Sure, it’s important to understand you have inherent permission to do the little, big, meaningful, meaningless things. But also believe with equal conviction that you DESERVE to do these things.

And no, I’m not advocating for reckless entitlement. Not at all. Be grateful. All. The. Time. If you’re lucky enough to have the ability, the resources, the smarts, the physicality, the political freedom, the gumption, the creativity to do something, be aware of it — and thank your lucky stars. Or the universe, or a god, but by all means, be grateful. Do a nightly before-you-go-to-bed meditation listing 5 things you’re grateful for each day kind of thing if it helps you keep all the goodness in check. Heck, I do.

Point is, too often, we become afraid that if we go after our dreams, try to create incredible things, have too much good come our way, eat dessert first one too many times, it will all shatter, fall apart, get jinxed.

It won’t. Trust me.

You’re allowed to be happy. And you know what else? You deserve to be.


photo credit: The Sean & Lauren Spectacular via Flickr


  1. Well golly gee, I had to look up indefatigable in the dictionary 🙂

  2. Rhea Auerbach says:

    My fist is in the air right along with yours. Good reminder for all of us, young and old!

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