Digital Nomads and Pet Ownership: Because, Why the Heck Not?

Betta Fish
Introducing my new pets!

So, I bought a pet. Actually, 2 pets. If, in fact, a betta fish can be classified as a pet (and why shouldn’t it be?!). What? Is it weird to own a pet but have no permanent address? Aw, come on…live a little!

It was my birthday weekend, and perhaps Ayaz and I were dwelling in the cheery aftermath of celebration, because when I (for the umpteenth time) beseechingly mentioned how much I wanted a pet, Ayaz — rather uncharacteristically — said, “Ok. Let’s buy a pet.” And off to PetSmart we drove, returning with not 1, but 2 — yes, TWO — betta fish.

Now, for a bit of backstory: I have been talking to Ayaz about getting a pet for years. I beg, I plead, I promise it will live a happy and fruitful life. “It,” in this case, typically being a dog of some sort, like a huskie, or one of those adorable shibu inus.

Over the years, we have perfected our back-and-forth on the subject and it goes a little like this:

Me: Ayaz, look at that little puppy for sale in the window! Look at how cute!
Ayaz: Yup.
Me: I want a puppy. Please please please, can’t we get a puppy?
Ayaz: We don’t have a home.
Me: But we have love. [Flutter eyelashes in a winning manner]
Ayaz: Will you wake up with it at 6am on a cold winter’s morning and take it for a walk? Because I won’t.

Eventually I get distracted by something shiny, and we carry on with our lives.

But on this crisp September day, in the heady glow of my post-birthday weekend, this time, Ayaz simply said, “Yes.”

And so it was that we became the owners of two lovely bettas who live together in a nifty container bisected by a dividing wall so the little guys don’t tear each other to shreds. Good times!

Instead, they swim around rather placidly, resigned to their plastic home. Occasionally, they nose up against the perforated wall, then scurry to hide in their plastic trees. They eat little pellets of food, and seem to get excited when I approach their home. Then they poop. It’s fantastic.

Oh, and the best part? Their container fits perfectly in our car console: Road trip, here we come!

So yes, digital nomads and road warriors that we may be, we are no longer alone on this great journey. The only catch? Our colorful and illustrious duo lack names. We’ve drawn blanks. Lewis and Clark? Hall and Oats? Balki and Larry? HALP please!

Taking ideas…NOW in the comments below:


  1. Thelma and Louise!!! hahahahaha

  2. Lassie and Laddie

  3. Oh my, Lewis and Clark do suit you.

  4. Seeing as I can’t find a translation for lunker from English to any language, I would have to say Bjorn and Owner.