Goodnight, New York City: A Gotham Wrap-Up

lower manhattan

I’ve happily moved on to the next chapter — Miami — but never said a proper fare-thee-well to the previous, New York City.

When I arrived in June, with worldly goods packed and ready to re-immerse myself in the city that had left me in such turmoil a few short years ago, I was excited and trepidatious.

I had made the decision to return willfully, and with conscious intention I made it my business to engage in New York in a way I had not — perhaps not been capable of doing — in 2011.

The perfect cocktail of experiences collided for me: an apartment in a location that sung to my spirit, a return to friends and family after a long South American departure, but above all (I think) it was a willingness to feel the love. I opened my heart to New York City, and New York City let me love it.

I am grateful for my proximity to Central Park throughout what pretty much everyone agreed was the most perfect summer weather in years. My daily walks through the park’s Ramble, past lakes with ornate apartment buildings looming above made me calm. And happy. They brought me to peace and helped soothe my spirit, I believe.

Then, there was my motto, “The Summer of Doing.” My and Ayaz’s motto, to be specific. We made it our business to take on this great city and say yes to everything we could, and do, do, do.

I wrote about our early summer highlights, and they continued through July and August.

Things like, ducking through exhibits at the American Museum of Natural History.

Museum of Natural History
Almost real, no?

Sipping cocktails at the rooftop installation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and seeing the space in its evening glory.

From the museum roof. Not pictured: glasses of sparkling rose.
From the museum roof. Not pictured: glasses of sparkling rose.

Discovering my favorite Manhattan building, The Ansonia. And walking past it every day.

Museum of Natural History
The Ansonia

Finding pop culture landmarks.

Where’s Jerry?

Listening to Emmylou Harris croon outside the Metropolitan Opera House — for free.

emmylou harris
Emmylou is up on that stage, I swear!

Not-so-daintily snarfing scones and tea at Alice’s Tea Cup with a new friend.

Alice's Tea Cup

Falling a little in love with the old and new.

old and new

Seeing the full August moon rise over my street.


And just like that, it was time to say goodnight.

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