Pitbull and Enrique: The Most Miami Thing to Happen in Miami, Ever

It’s Mr. Worldwide!

When I saw the advertisement for the Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias concert at Miami’s American Airlines Arena, I was speechless. I knew one thing for sure: I would be there. I must be there. Because Miami.

I’m not a huge fan of either, but, come on — they’re two of Miami’s most beloved sons. I mean, heck, Pitbull isn’t just Mr. Worldwide, he’s Mr. 305, for god’s sake. And Enrique? We all know he’s the son of legendary Julio, the world’s highest-selling Latin artist. And Miami peeps REALLY, REALLY love their Julio. But Enrique? Holy moly – he’s like the walking holy grail of Latino music hotness.

When I opened my birthday present from Ayaz, imagine my absolute bliss when I saw he had bought us tickets to the Miami show. There was joy, there was much shouting, there were ear-piercing shrieks.

We were about to experience a Pitbull-Enrique concert: the most Miami thing to happen in Miami, well, pretty much ever.

There was talk of hiring a designated driver so we could revel in mojito madness, but in the end, I was too busy to drink; I was ogling Miami’s hottest humans (and Miami has a mighty fine selection of sexy folks) and dancing my maracas off to the sweet sounds of Pitbull covering other artist’s music — because we all know that’s pretty much what Pitbull does.

I might not love Pitbull’s music, and heck, I might not actually think he’s all that talented as an artist (sorry, but I just don’t), but I DO think he’s an amazing entertainer and has mastered the art of sampling music and creating tunes with other epic artists.

That said, I really, really like the man. How can you not smile at his tuxedo-clad baldness? His sunglasses-by-day suaveness? His eternally jolly demeanor?

Pitbull perpetually looks like the cat that swallowed the canary and why shouldn’t he? He’s raking in oodles of dough and constantly surrounded by gyrating, scantily clad women while he shakes his hips in a pseudo-salsa dance.

Pit is a bald beacon of joy. What I didn’t know was that he’s also a bit of a philosopher. Yes, you read that right.

Throughout the show, repeatedly, he offered bits of inspiration, like, “Being a homegrown, born and raised, Dade county, 305 boy from back in the day, when Miami wasn’t respected for its culture, for its people, for its music, we all know the struggle. The hustle. We all know sacrifice. But I’m gonna tell you what Miami does better than anyone — we know how to survive.”

After shaking his culo a bit, he added, “I used to perform on the corner of NW 7th Avenue and 79th Street. It’s an honor to be able to perform at the AAA. It goes to show you that hard work pays the mother fuckin’ off.”

Yes, Pitbull reminded us throughout the night that if we work hard, we can accomplish anything. Oh, and let’s not forget his patriotism. No matter where we’re from, Pit wants us to remember, “We all rep one thing: the United States of fucking America.”

Gracias, Pitbull. Muchas gracias.

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