2014 Year in Review, Passenger Conners-style

There was love, laughter, great explorations, a resurrection of Jesus, and one time, I accidentally bought psychotropic drugs. 2014 was a helluva year, folks.

Best Git in Mah Belly Moment: Eating my weight in steak and provoletta in Buenos Aires

Provoleta Buenos Aires
The magnificent glory that is provoleta.

It’s true what they say about the steak in Argentina — this much I already knew. What I was not aware of is the majesty, the lactose-tacular glory of the provoletta. Once it was discovered, all bets were off.

Biggest Regret: Eating my weight in steak in provoletta in Buenos Aires

Bife de Lomo in Buenos Aires
The glory that is a perfectly prepared bife de lomo.

All good things must come to an end. And boy did my streak end with a bang – though if we’re getting technical, it was the shawarma that started the trouble.

Most Passionate Reunion: Me and NYC

supermoon NYC
Me, Ayaz and a Supermoon over NYC. Bliss!

My favorite destination of the year is one where I used to live. New York City. We’ve had some rough patches, me and that town, but this summer felt like the time had come for me to process a lot of my past and properly fall in love with New York City.

Biggest Oopsie Daisy: I may have bought psychotropic drugs I thought were sage

Trying to Sage
Nope, it’s most definitely NOT what you think.

My best intentions and poor Spanish language skills led to an accidental purchase (wait, that wasn’t sage?) and a lot of Argentinian strangers laughing at me.

Top Travel Surprise: Maine

Cadillac Mountain Acadia National Park
Views from the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park.

I’ve always felt in my soul that I’d love Maine, so I shouldn’t have been surprised that I most certainly did. Still, I hadn’t expected the vastness of the beauty here, and I never could have predicted that I’d meet such truly wonderful people during my time here.

Biggest WTF Cultural Moment: Jesus World

Jesus arriving in Jerusalem - Tierra Santa
Jesus arriving in Jerusalem gets a warm welcome and throws a peace sign.

You guys, there is a place where Christ rises from the dead, hovering above the Holy Mount, multiple times a day. And it’s weird. Our trip to Jesus World was one of the funniest, strangest, most WTF moments I’ve had anywhere, ever. If I felt it appropriate to republish every single photo from that day I would. Instead, you can just read about it here.

Sexiest People Watching: Florianopolis, Brazil

Jurere Beach, Florianopolis, Brazil
Beach bums strolling the sands of Jurere Beach, Florianopolis, Brazil.

Because duh.

Scariest Warning Sign: Oysters

travel sign
Lost in translation, I suppose?

I love me a briny bivalve. I never felt threatened by them. Until now.

Best Surprise, Ever & Top 2014 Moment: Getting engaged

We're engaged!
We’re engaged!

In 2014, I said, YES!


  1. Andrew Ciofalo says:

    What a thrilling and gastronomical year. And the ENGAGEMENT – did you finally give up on the need for lip gloss?

    • Valerie Conners says:

      Well, Andy – I think there’s always a time and a place for “the gloss,” no? Of course, it’s being used for different purposes these days 😉

  2. As always, I loved every moment!