Location Independent Jobs: How to Earn a Living on the Road

location independent jobs
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One of the first questions I hear when I tell people I’m location independent, or explain that I can “do my job from anywhere,” is — not surprisingly: What the heck do you do? Followed, usually by, Can I do it, too?

For those still wondering, I’m a digital content creator: a writer, producer, and editor with a penchant for the travel space and a hand in all kinds of worlds, from tech to health care industries. Ayaz and I launched a digital content marketing agency to consolidate and add to our various clients. It’s fun and good, but admittedly not for everyone.

People tend to clam up at this point, saying how they wish their work could be remote, but how it’s just not possible, or lament not working in the digital realm.

Well, I’ll tell you right off the bat: Yes, it helps to have a career in digital, but by no means is it the ONLY means of earning a location independent living.

If you hear people float around the term, “digital nomad,” and it makes you cringe or think, “I’m so not digital,” — fear not. There are options. We’ve crossed paths with so many people having a wealth of experiences out in the great wide world — from life coaches to roving bartenders traveling from Thai beach bar to beach bar.

Here’s just a handful of job possibilities to give you an idea of your options … and maybe inspire you to rethink your current plan.

  • Web and graphic designers
  • Freelance writers or editors
  • Life or career coaching
  • Remote project management
  • Traveling nurse
  • Bartender
  • Virtual assistant
  • Freelance book or document translator
  • Digital Photographer
  • ESL Instructor
  • Consultant
  • English teacher
  • Professional house sitter
  • Adjunct professor through an online learning program
  • Public relations specialist

If none of those ideas float your boat, don’t simply lay down and give up. Check out some of these resources, which I’ve personally used, to get a sense of what jobs are out there and in what fields.

Do you have a unique, location indy career? Of questions about how to morph your current career into a more flexible one? Share in the comments below!



  1. Andrew Ciofalo says:

    Are airline pilots and stewardesses/stewards on too regular a schedule to qualify?

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