I’m Ba-aack! (Plus, the Key Largo Stone Crab and Seafood Festival)

Git in mah belly, stone crabs!
Git in mah belly, stone crabs!

Whoa, Nelly! There hasn’t been a post on this site in 2 months. That’s 60 days, you guys! I wish I had an exciting — or heck, hair-raising — tale to tell about my absence, but, truth is, I’ve just been busy working, and living and loving life in the MIA.

Key Biscayne sunset
I mean, who wouldn’t be loving life here, right?

It’s funny how that works, isn’t it? For a solid year, I focused intently on posting to Passenger Conners on a regular schedule. I worked damn hard to do so, and I loved every minute. Then one day in January, without planning or warning, I just stopped. I was busy busy busy with work and friends and life, and suddenly, I wasn’t thinking about my blog. Priorities shifted. It happens.

But still, my baby was always in my heart and lurking in the corners of my mind. I documented all the cool shizz I was doing in photos, knowing that at some point, priorities would shift back. I understood that the spark that was flickering would burst back into flame, and well, here we are.

I’m back!

So, let’s roll the clock back 2 months to a certain Saturday in January. ‘Twas the day of the Key Largo Stone Crab and Seafood Festival, and it started like all good days should start: Trying to rap without irony while blaring some song about a chain and a dingaling … while cruising to the Florida Keys in a hybrid mini-SUV with mah peeps. Because that’s how we roll. Ok, it’s not really, but it was a funny scene — I swear. Or maybe you had to be there?

Anyhoo, the festival was a foodie, boozy blast. There were stone crabs a-plenty, of course, and conch fritters, and grilled oysters, and funnel cake, and, and…I’m not even sure, because there were also mojitos in souvenir cups!

Key Largo Stone Crab and Seafood Festival
Mmmm, grilled oysters.


Key Largo Stone Crab and Seafood Festival
Yay, conch fritters!

Still,  all the food, drink and dance could hardly hold a candle to the least badass but most spectacular car rapping in history. It was a good day. With good friends.

Key Largo Stone Crab and Seafood Festival
My kooky amigos


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