Hidden Miami: Kayaking on Biscayne Bay

Oleta River State Park Kayaking
Kayaking in Oleta River State Park; Miami, FL

I have spent a decent portion of the past 38 years trying to find “my sport.”

It’s no secret that I completely lack coordination; I consider a day I haven’t fallen or tripped more than once to be a winner.

Despite not hitting my stride in pretty much any physical activity, I keep trying. And trying. Which is why I find myself sitting in the helm of a kayak (hang on — is the front of a kayak called a helm?) here in Miami.

Oleta River State Park Kayaking
Oleta River State Park kayaking

At this stage in the game, I’ve been kayaking in places like The Maldives, Vietnam, and now Miami, and one thing remains frighteningly certain: kayaking is NOT my sport.

Over the years, I have paddled into rocky outcrops, cave walls, and mangrove trees. I have scared small animals, water fowl, and Ayaz.

Typically, I enjoy kayaking for the first few minutes, until I remember that I’m not very good at it. And yet, I keep kayaking. I mean, there’s much to be said for gliding over the water in a plastic boat — at least there is when one’s path is not blocked by things like, oh I don’t know, NATURE.