RE:DREAM — Reimagining the American Dream

For a few days earlier this year, a film crew followed Ayaz Nanji​ and I around Miami, to create a short documentary about our location indy lifestyle for the RE:DREAM project, a national initiative sponsored by PBS to examine how people are reimagining the American Dream.

They’ve done a beautiful job examining why three years ago we chose to quit our jobs, put our worldly goods in storage, and take off on an adventure that would redefine our lives, and allow us to live in better alignment with our spirits.

If you have 6-7 minutes to spare, take a gander. (maybe you want to avoid Super Tuesday news for a spell?)

We are so honored to have our story included in the project (thanks, Nicholas Scalera​!). Thanks to so many people who told and filmed our story with such care.


  1. So-so-so-so-so fabulous!!!

  2. I am so happy I watched this. I love everything about your video and the PBS project.

  3. I always knew you would be a star. Great piece. Congratulations