Blow Skin Chicken: When Dinner Turns … Sculpture

Blow Skin Chicken: When Dinner Turns … Sculpture

It’s not appropriate, no. But it is gosh darn delicious. Seen above are the bony remnants of a “blow skin chicken” dinner. According to American expat, food writer and new friend, Richard Sterling, the cook actually blows air (yes, from his mouth – sadly more details are fuzzy) between chicken […]

U.S. Air Force Plane displayed at the War Remnants Museum

My Vietnam Travels in the Post-War Era

I think it’s impossible – at least I hope it is – to be an American traveling through Vietnam and not be periodically overwhelmed with the thoughts, sorrows, guilt, tears, imagined horrors and ultimate futility of the Vietnam War, or as it’s called here, the American War. There are moments […]