My Hot Options.

Who You Calling “Hot Option”?

At this stage of the trip – the start of month 6 – a few things have happened. First, I am down to a mere 1 pair of pants in my backpack. Second, the weather has taken a turn for cold and getting colder as I arrive in New Zealand […]

The incomparable Uluru

Into the Bush With Outback Val

It’s quite clear after spending 2 weeks on the continent that Australia suffers no shortage of awesome cities and natural landscapes, as well as quite possibly the world’s nicest people. But more intriguing to me are the wacky, wild, giant and sometimes terrifying things that keep popping up out in […]

Obviously, the Sydney Opera House!

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!

As my arrival in Australia drew near, I regretted having to bid farewell to Southeast Asia and return to a world so similar to my own. Part of the great adventure of this trip has been constant exposure to worlds, foods, architecture, religions, clothing and ritual so very foreign to […]