The view from The Garden restaurant in Frigiliana.

The Village Rhythm is Gonna Get You

One of the things travel has taught me is that similar patterns, quirks, and charms lurk in the recesses of the biggest cities just as they do in the teeniest towns — if you care and take the time to see them.

There he is!

The Fair Came to Town … Under My Window

I had my first sneaking suspicion that all would not go well with the annual, five-day Frigiliana Fair when a three-story inflatable Sponge Bob slide — complete with wild eyes, enormous gaping teeth, and a quivering Patrick Star by his side — sprung to attention in the plaza beneath my balcony.

Catching sunset and overlooking Malaga's historic center.

The Place Chooses You

After 3-plus years of location independent living, I’ve honed a relatively fool-proof strategy for finding short-term leases. When it works out well, it’s stupendous, and when it fails, it does so in spectacular fashion. This, friends, is a tale of the latter. Ayaz and I booked our 6-week stint in […]

The Malaga Cathedral, also known as the "one-armed lady."

Spain’s Little Secret: Viva Malaga!

Malaga actually has a heckuva lot to offer. It’s filled with culture — museums, Picasso’s birthplace, churches out the wazoo, a Moorish fortress. Plus, it’s a university town, which means cheap, tasty food.

The view overlooking Marbella.

International Love: An Indian Wedding in Spain

We had traveled to Marbella, tucked along Spain’s Costa del Sol, to attend Ayaz’s cousin’s wedding, and for those few days in Marbella, it was hard not to feel like I was a guest at a Hollywood-worthy extravaganza…