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Ribs with mac and cheese and coleslaw.

Savannah BBQ, Git in Mah Belly!

I’m a Yankee, through and through. But, dang it, if I don’t love me some good, old fashioned Southern cooking — and I found it. In Savannah.

I’m Ba-aack! (Plus, the Key Largo Stone Crab and Seafood Festival)

I’m Ba-aack! (Plus, the Key Largo Stone Crab and Seafood Festival)

Whoa, Nelly! There hasn’t been a post on this site in 2 months. That’s 60 days, you guys! I wish I had an exciting — or heck, hair-raising — tale to tell about my absence, but, truth is, I’ve just been busy working, and living and loving life in the […]

Bivalves, Lobsters and Foraged Things: Welcome to Portland, Maine!

Bivalves, Lobsters and Foraged Things: Welcome to Portland, Maine!

I was downright giddy to finally visit Portland, ME, said by those in the know to be one of America’s top food cities. Eat and see the city’s sights with my top picks for Portland.

A plate of ceviche mixto at Canta Rana in Lima's Barranco district.

How to Eat Your Way Through Lima, Peru Like a Boss

See my collection of standouts — restaurants, markets, food and drink — from Lima, Peru. Git in mah belly!

A typical, heaping buffet plate. (Martin Kalfatovic via Flickr)

Pay What It Weighs: An Ode to the Brazilian Kilo Restaurant

I filled with hungry glee, upon discovering Brazil’s pay-what-it-weighs “kilo” restaurants, known here as a restaurante por quilo.

NOT the shawarma that did me in -- this one's a stand-in, y'all.

When Bad Shawarma Happens to Good People

I returned to my hotel after the shawarma incident, when suddenly I felt filled with a whole lot more than regret.

Rapa Nui chocolate in all its glory.

I Left My Heart in Rapa Nui

  I haven’t spoken much about this ’til now. Maybe I was ashamed of my gluttony; maybe I wanted to hold close to my heart the magic of those cocoa bean-filled days…and nights. You see, where once the words Rapa Nui stirred visions of mysterious Easter Island (and a vague […]

The glory that is a perfectly prepared bife de lomo.

Git in Mah Belly, Buenos Aires Parrillas!

Meat is the Argentine delicacy, the great mecca of meals. And the institution where Buenos Aires locals go to get their beef, is the parrilla, a traditional steakhouse.

Palermo Hollywood: Buenos Aires’s Uber-Hip Barrio

Palermo Hollywood: Buenos Aires’s Uber-Hip Barrio

As you try to grasp Buenos Aires’s vibe, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the Palermo neighborhoods, including Palermo Hollywood, are the ultimate haps.

The magnificent glory that is provoleta.

My Transition to Porteño via (What Else?) My Belly

I’m love-, love-, loving the return to the sights, sounds, possibility and energy of an enormous urban world while still struggling to fully experience them.

Getting silly at South of the Border

The Long and Not-So-Winding Road — And a Giant Shrimp

As anyone who’s ever made the road trip south from the Northeast to Florida on I-95 will tell you, highlights along the route are few. There’s the hellacious, bumper-to-bumper traffic between Baltimore and Richmond, Va. that will make you want to poke your eyes out. This, of course, is more […]

Traveling Bliss: Fethiye, Turkey

Traveling Bliss: Fethiye, Turkey

Is there anything better than a waterfront tangled with masts and flanked by tree-clad hills? Barely! On Week 2 of the Journey, I hit Fethiye, a relatively tiny town tucked into Turkey’s southwest Mediterranean coast. Let’s pause for a moment and reflect on Week 2 of said Journey. I was […]