Location Independent Living

Catching sunset and overlooking Malaga's historic center.

The Place Chooses You

After 3-plus years of location independent living, I’ve honed a relatively fool-proof strategy for finding short-term leases. When it works out well, it’s stupendous, and when it fails, it does so in spectacular fashion. This, friends, is a tale of the latter. Ayaz and I booked our 6-week stint in […]

RE:DREAM — Reimagining the American Dream

RE:DREAM — Reimagining the American Dream

For a few days earlier this year, a film crew followed Ayaz Nanji​ and I around Miami, to create a short documentary about our location indy lifestyle for the RE:DREAM project, a national initiative sponsored by PBS to examine how people are reimagining the American Dream. They’ve done a beautiful […]

Money, Money, Money: Can You Afford to Be Location Independent?

Money, Money, Money: Can You Afford to Be Location Independent?

After 2 years on the road, we’ve accumulated a lot of tips, tricks, and financial know-how that I wanna share with my fellow wandering souls.

(Credit: Fougerouse Arnaud via Flickr)

Location Independent Jobs: How to Earn a Living on the Road

These location independent jobs will give you an idea of your work-on-the-road options — and maybe inspire you to rethink your current career plan.

She works hard for the money...while in Buenos Aires cafés.

11 Ways to Prepare for Location Independent Living

Before you set out on your nomadic living adventure — or before you even DECIDE to do so — it helps to break down and consider the major steps you’ll need to take. While my list of 11 ways to prepare is by no means comprehensive, it’s a start that helped keep me sane (well, mostly).

The "backyard."

Adventures in Subletting: Bienvenido a Mi Casa en Miami

It’s only the second week in our new Miami sublet, but you know what? I got a feeling I’m gonna me gusta mucho este casa.

Bienvenido a Miami! (as seen from my plane)

Miami is Nice, So I’ll Live There Twice… Miami!

If you read this post’s headline and immediately thought, “GOLDEN GIRLS!,” well, bravo! We should definitely be friends in real life if we’re not already, because, well, GOLDEN GIRLS.

We're engaged!

Love is All You Need

What I couldn’t possibly have known as we drove through epic humidity and spotty thunderstorms to see a medley of apartments was that Ayaz had a certain ring burning a hole in his pocket.

Some days you find t-shirts that sum up you life.

Reality Check: Can You Handle a Location Independent Lifestyle?

“Yes, there is another world. This is it.” –Stephen Dunn, poet. Let me ask you: Are you really ready for location independence? Is this really what you want?

Ayaz and I in Glacier National Park.

Can You Be Location Independent Forever?

Travel is like a drug. The more you see, the more you want to see. Only, the more you travel, the more you realize all you still haven’t seen: how much of the world is left to be explored. The itch to travel more and more only grows. Now, it’s in your blood.

My sublet's living area, complete with tree decals :)

Adventures in Subletting: Moving on Down(stairs), to the West Side

For 2 digital nomads on a budget, landing the perfect NYC summer sublet would be nothing less than a gift straight from the New York City gods. And despite the odds stacked against us — we did it! Take a peek inside our latest digs.

Central Park, New York City

Where Have You Gone, Passenger Conners?

There’s been an eerie silence on the interwebs of Passenger Conners these past few weeks. My laptop keyboard has felt a bit less clacking. Cobwebs are collecting on my Wordpress dashboard. And wait — was that a tumbleweed that just rolled past my screen?