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Me, Ayaz and a Supermoon over NYC. Bliss!

2014 Year in Review, Passenger Conners-style

There was love, laughter, great explorations, a resurrection of Jesus, and one time, I accidentally bought psychotropic drugs. 2014 was a helluva year, folks.

We're engaged!

Love is All You Need

What I couldn’t possibly have known as we drove through epic humidity and spotty thunderstorms to see a medley of apartments was that Ayaz had a certain ring burning a hole in his pocket.

(Credit: waltstoneburner via Flickr)

For Sanity’s Sake: The Art of Journaling

I’m still navigating that winding road known as life, facing joys and triumphs, fears and self-doubts. And still, all these years later, I’m writing them down, sorting them from my head to the page, by hand.

The perfect sunset in Destin, FL.

What is a Life Extraordinary?

It’s this very blog’s tagline: Living a Life Extraordinary. It’s got me thinking: how do you want to feel each day, each year? What feelings do you want to embody to experience a full and whole and shimmering you?

Sometimes, I actually look like this.

Travel Truths: I Look Wack When I Travel

My digital nomad style is uh-MAZE-ing. You will be jealous. You will covet my fake Prada sunglasses. You will wonder if you, too, could rock my patterned beach coverup.

Colorfully painted houses in Olinda, Brazil.

An Olinda, Brazil Tale: Fie on You, Convention! Fie on You!

My time in Olinda left me as much in love with travel and exploring this great, wide world’s nooks and crannies as I’ve ever been.

What It’s REALLY Like on the Road: A Newfangled Tale of Location Independence

What It’s REALLY Like on the Road: A Newfangled Tale of Location Independence

I recently found myself asking: Am I unhappy with this lifestyle, with uprooting myself every few months to experience a new place?

A balcony with a view. (And NO, I didn't take pictures of the naked neighbor, you pervs!)

I Found Joy in That There City (Naked Neighbors Aside)

Like honey attracts flies and Justin Bieber inexplicably attracts tweens, it seems my lot in life is to attract naked neighbors.

Another fiery sunset in Destin, FL.

And the Livin’ Was Easy

I’ve said before that I’m my favorite version of myself when I travel, and I want to see that side of myself again, and soon.

Introducing my new pets!

Digital Nomads and Pet Ownership: Because, Why the Heck Not?

So, I bought a pet. Actually, 2 pets. If, in fact, a betta fish can be classified as a pet (and why shouldn’t it be?!). What? Is it weird to own a pet but have no permanent address? Aw, come on…live a little! It was my birthday weekend, and perhaps […]

Grand Canyon North Rim

A Tale of Location Independence: Why Live This Life?

People often wonder what the great benefit is that I reap from location independence, or why on Earth I’d give everything up, home included, to live life as a digital nomad. Most days, as I’ve explained, look fairly similar, with many hours of work under my belt, and perhaps the […]

“For the Adventure of Being Alive”

“For the Adventure of Being Alive”

I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love for your dream for the adventure of being alive… I want to know if you can be with joy mine or your own if you can dance with wildness and let the ecstasy fill you to […]