New York City

Goodnight, New York City: A Gotham Wrap-Up

Goodnight, New York City: A Gotham Wrap-Up

I’ve happily moved on to the next chapter — Miami — but never said a proper fare-thee-well to the previous, New York City. When I arrived in June, with worldly goods packed and ready to re-immerse myself in the city that had left me in such turmoil a few short […]

The Coney Island Wonder Wheel rises over Luna Park.

Coney Island Nights: Ferris Wheel Junkies and Tilt-a-Whirl Ghosts Collide

I can’t say I love Coney Island, but I can say it stops me in my tracks, makes me think a moment. To my eye, Coney Island is a monstrous mix of gritty, glittery, weird and heartbreaking. Here’s why.

The Bateaux New York passes the Statue of Liberty.

Sunset, Skylines and a Supermoon: Getting Romantic on Bateaux New York

It’s been a year of amazing sunsets in extraordinary locales. But what ranks as one of the most romantic sunsets of them? I can thank a swanky, Parisian-style boat cruise around Manhattan and Mother Nature’s Supermoon for that treat.

My sublet's living area, complete with tree decals :)

Adventures in Subletting: Moving on Down(stairs), to the West Side

For 2 digital nomads on a budget, landing the perfect NYC summer sublet would be nothing less than a gift straight from the New York City gods. And despite the odds stacked against us — we did it! Take a peek inside our latest digs.

Central Park pond

Summer 2014: Doing It Well, New York City-Style

Nearly a month into my newest location independent jaunt in New York City, I’ll give you a glimpse of Gotham’s highlights in the summer season. Thinking of planning a trip this summer? This could be your inspiration!

New York City (justininsd via Flickr)

Hot Child in New York City

With my South American exploits safely behind me, it’s time to focus on the next destination in my location independent adventures: my former haunt, New York City. “Why, oh why are you returning?” The question keeps being asked. Here’s my answer…

A balcony with a view. (And NO, I didn't take pictures of the naked neighbor, you pervs!)

I Found Joy in That There City (Naked Neighbors Aside)

Like honey attracts flies and Justin Bieber inexplicably attracts tweens, it seems my lot in life is to attract naked neighbors.

There it is, folks -- all our stuff (less 2 suitcases).

Let the Adventure Begin … Tomorrow!

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya, tomorrow! My apologies. I’m prone to bursting into Little Orphan Annie’s theme song today, knowing that tomorrow — tomorrow! — is the official date of departure for my foray into location independence. Yup, in 14 hours, we’ll hit the road, not as New Yorkers leaving […]

Not my foot spa, fyi.

Bad Feet, Tired Shoulders: A Tale of Reflexology Gone Awry

It seemed the perfect treat after a long day walking the concrete jungle: a reflexology foot massage. Feeling the self-love, I plunked myself down on a chair in the shadowy recesses of a Chinatown foot spa, imagining how all manner of tootsies more horrid than mine could have rested there […]

Crowds in Manhattan's Times Square.

One for All

“Operation Be a Better Human” is officially in effect. Of late, I’ve been on a mission to better engage with my own species here in Gotham. As a city dweller living in the midst of scores of people, I could easily and often make small and beautiful connections with so […]

Fumbling Toward Happiness

Fumbling Toward Happiness

The morning I moved into my current apartment, I awoke at my West Village sublet and wandered into the kitchen to make tea. As I gazed out the window, I saw a nude guy casually meandering around his roof deck, mere yards from my perch. As if that weren’t enough […]

A room with a view

I Remember Who I Am

I believed for a while that the most difficult decision I’d ever make in this life, and the most courage I’d dare exhibit were ensconced in the choice to give it “all” up and travel around the world. I had not, it’s now quite clear, taken into consideration my journey […]