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Credit: Plantation Adventure Center

I’m Not a Sea Cow; I’m a Manatee! (A Crystal River Road Trip)

High on my travel bucket list, somewhere between “explore Nepal” and “eat my face off in China” lay this little gem: See a manatee. That’s right. “See” one, not “swim” with one. That’s because even though manatees are gigantic, slow-moving, and apparently cruising through Florida waterways on a regular basis, […]

Rodeo queens at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Parade.

Cheyenne Frontier Days: The Daddy of ‘Em All

My dream was coming true – I would attend Cheyenne Frontier Days 2015! As if watching the heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping competitions wasn’t enough, I got to climb in a bull chute and wander the arena pre-rodeo, and later stand in the chutes mere feet from some verrrry pissed off bulls during the actual rodeo (behind some very fine-looking cowboys in chaps, I might add).

Oleta River State Park kayaking

Hidden Miami: Kayaking on Biscayne Bay

Over the years, I have paddled into rocky outcrops, cave walls, and mangrove trees. I have scared small animals, water fowl, and Ayaz. Yet, I keep kayaking — and I love it.

Fear and Loathing in a Florida Campground

Fear and Loathing in a Florida Campground

Our Halloween camping trip to Naples, FL was a heady mix of senior citizens, Florida Man and his ex-girlfriend, $8 vodka (theirs, not ours), and a meticulous raccoon.

Best Trip Ever? Maine.

Best Trip Ever? Maine.

The Maine fantasy I concocted began years ago, and like most of my fantasies, I have absolutely no idea from whence it sprung or why. It just … felt oh-so right. Did the reality live up to the dream?

Machu Picchu with Wayna Picchu in the background.

Machu Picchu, Peru: Into the (Crowded) Mystic

Wanna know a little secret? Machu Picchu is positively TEEMING with tourists. Here’s what to know to avoid the crowds and make the most of your bucket-list trip to the iconic ruins.

Argentina’s Mountain Mama: A San Martin de Los Andes Getaway

Argentina’s Mountain Mama: A San Martin de Los Andes Getaway

  When the going gets weird, the weird get going. Or something like that. At any rate, after a few days in Bariloche, Ayaz and I realized that this town felt more than a little bit off to both of us. Don’t get me entirely wrong: it’s in a gorgeous […]

Choose your own caption, please ... if you dare.

Argentina’s Lake District and the Great Seagull Caper of 2014

There now exists a priceless image of me, a cracker and a sharp-beaked bird in communion together for all to see (and mock!).

Montana, How Do I Love Thee?

Montana, How Do I Love Thee?

Let me count the ways: 1. Big Sky Lone Peak mountain will take the breath away from the most hardened skiers. Granted, I am not a hardened skier. In fact, I vowed never to ski again after an unfortunate incident on a 10th grade school ski trip – but that’s […]

Capital Reef National Park

National Park Road Trip Part 3: No Really, I Climbed That

From Zion to Bryce Canyon, I just couldn’t get my fill of natural, national wonders. And so we headed off toward Capital Reef National Park, first passing through Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Now, it’s worth mentioning a few things here. First, it’s entirely possible you’ve never heard of Grand Staircase […]

Hoodoos make me happy!

National Park Road Trip Part 2: That Hoodoo That You Do

The following weekend after my unforgettable sojourn into Zion National Park, I set off to the next destination on my bucket list: Bryce Canyon. The weekend as I planned it would involve oodles of spectacular scenery, a KOA Kabin (one of my favorite “camping” indulgences) in one of the nice […]

I survived the hike at Zion National Park!

National Park Road Trip Part 1: When We Remember Zion

It’s been a helluva time out West, folks. Many people have wondered how on Earth I wound up staying in St. George, Utah for 3 weeks. The logic behind landing in Utah’s far southwest corner was simple: I was itching to explore some of the Western US’s most spectacular National […]