Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Chasing Iguazu Falls

For no good reason whatsoever, the thought of Iguazu Falls always left me unsettled. As a producer, writer and editor for the Travel Channel for eons, Iguazu Falls crossed my desk quite a bit — via the work and travels of other writers, of course. I’d see pictures of the […]

Rapa Nui chocolate in all its glory.

I Left My Heart in Rapa Nui

  I haven’t spoken much about this ’til now. Maybe I was ashamed of my gluttony; maybe I wanted to hold close to my heart the magic of those cocoa bean-filled days…and nights. You see, where once the words Rapa Nui stirred visions of mysterious Easter Island (and a vague […]

Argentina’s Mountain Mama: A San Martin de Los Andes Getaway

Argentina’s Mountain Mama: A San Martin de Los Andes Getaway

  When the going gets weird, the weird get going. Or something like that. At any rate, after a few days in Bariloche, Ayaz and I realized that this town felt more than a little bit off to both of us. Don’t get me entirely wrong: it’s in a gorgeous […]

Wait, That Wasn’t Sage? How to NOT Buy Psychoactive Drugs While Traveling

Wait, That Wasn’t Sage? How to NOT Buy Psychoactive Drugs While Traveling

Another day, another travel blunder. This particular misstep involved the heady combination of my best intentions and poor Spanish language skills.

Choose your own caption, please ... if you dare.

Argentina’s Lake District and the Great Seagull Caper of 2014

There now exists a priceless image of me, a cracker and a sharp-beaked bird in communion together for all to see (and mock!).

A balcony with a view. (And NO, I didn't take pictures of the naked neighbor, you pervs!)

I Found Joy in That There City (Naked Neighbors Aside)

Like honey attracts flies and Justin Bieber inexplicably attracts tweens, it seems my lot in life is to attract naked neighbors.

Sometimes your bus in Buenos Aires looks like a disco. And it is amazing.

How to Ride the Bus in Buenos Aires

If you’re in Buenos Aires for any length of time — from a few days to a few weeks — learning to ride the city’s extensive bus network makes sense.

The painted buildings of La Boca.

La Boca, La Tourist Trap

What are the sights one sees in a famously perilous neighborhood, where crime and muggings and deep poverty lurk just footsteps away? Probably not these.

Finding Robo Jesus in Buenos Aires

Finding Robo Jesus in Buenos Aires

I haven’t encountered this level of travel mystification since I stumbled upon a Vietnamese amusement park in its off season.

Sex-on-Legs: A Buenos Aires Tango Show Tale

Sex-on-Legs: A Buenos Aires Tango Show Tale

When I die, if it’s possible to place a well-timed request for the next life, I’m totally asking to return as a tango dancer in Buenos Aires.

The glory that is a perfectly prepared bife de lomo.

Git in Mah Belly, Buenos Aires Parrillas!

Meat is the Argentine delicacy, the great mecca of meals. And the institution where Buenos Aires locals go to get their beef, is the parrilla, a traditional steakhouse.

The town of Tigre, teeming with tour boats.

Take Me to the River: A Tigre Delta Day Trip

When the going gets steamy, the PorteƱos hit the road to find respite. Trying to make like a local, we took a day trip to the Tigre Delta.