Praia do Pipa: Rocking the Famed Day Trip from Natal to Pipa

Praia do Pipa: Rocking the Famed Day Trip from Natal to Pipa

Exploring Northern Brazil’s coastal wonders on a day trip from Natal to Pipa includes stops at Praia do Amor, Madeiro and the epic Cacimbinhas Beach.

Ponto Negra Beach in Natal, Brazil, with Bald Hill in the distance.

On Top of Old Baldy: Natal, Brazil

In just a few weeks, the U.S. men’s soccer team will be playing one of their World Cup 2014 matches in Natal, Brazil. What can visitors expect?

Colorfully painted houses in Olinda, Brazil.

An Olinda, Brazil Tale: Fie on You, Convention! Fie on You!

My time in Olinda left me as much in love with travel and exploring this great, wide world’s nooks and crannies as I’ve ever been.

The Good Friday processional with the body of Christ in Olinda, Brazil.

Semana Santa in Brazil: Ain’t No Party Like a Brazilian Easter Party

Yes, the good Lord rose, and so did the spirits, voices and boombox volume of the entire town. It was a party for the ages — eating, drinking, and, you guessed it, dancing.

The Historic Center in Paraty, Brazil. (Diego Torres Silvestre via Flickr)

Paraty, Brazil Guide: Did You Want a Side of Charming, Colonial Village With Your Gorgeous Beach?

Today, tourists meander along Paraty’s cobbled streets, admiring this remarkably charming Colonial outpost along Brazil’s epically scenic coast.

Her name is Rio...

Her Name is Rio: What to See and Love in Rio de Janeiro

I found myself unexpectedly smitten with what I’ve determined is the prettiest-placed city in the world – Rio de Janeiro.

Our Rio de Janeiro sublet apartment.

Flaming Generators and 5-Minute Showers: Adventures in Short-Term Subletting

The question for many remains: what do you do when your short-term sublet fails you?

A typical, heaping buffet plate. (Martin Kalfatovic via Flickr)

Pay What It Weighs: An Ode to the Brazilian Kilo Restaurant

I filled with hungry glee, upon discovering Brazil’s pay-what-it-weighs “kilo” restaurants, known here as a restaurante por quilo.

Beach bums strolling the sands of Jurere Beach, Florianopolis, Brazil.

Florianopolis, Brazil Travel Guide: Where Beaches, Oysters and Firm Bottoms Collide

Florianopolis is a sizeable island filled with good eats, better beaches and really hot people. In a nutshell: It’s fantastic.

NOT the shawarma that did me in -- this one's a stand-in, y'all.

When Bad Shawarma Happens to Good People

I returned to my hotel after the shawarma incident, when suddenly I felt filled with a whole lot more than regret.