The "backyard."

Adventures in Subletting: Bienvenido a Mi Casa en Miami

It’s only the second week in our new Miami sublet, but you know what? I got a feeling I’m gonna me gusta mucho este casa.

My sublet's living area, complete with tree decals :)

Adventures in Subletting: Moving on Down(stairs), to the West Side

For 2 digital nomads on a budget, landing the perfect NYC summer sublet would be nothing less than a gift straight from the New York City gods. And despite the odds stacked against us — we did it! Take a peek inside our latest digs.

Paraty homestay

Adventures in Subletting: The Art of the Homestay

Homestays offer travelers an affordable and comfortable accommodation alternative. I’m an advocate – I love, love, loved my homestays.

Our Rio de Janeiro sublet apartment.

Flaming Generators and 5-Minute Showers: Adventures in Short-Term Subletting

The question for many remains: what do you do when your short-term sublet fails you?

A balcony with a view. (And NO, I didn't take pictures of the naked neighbor, you pervs!)

I Found Joy in That There City (Naked Neighbors Aside)

Like honey attracts flies and Justin Bieber inexplicably attracts tweens, it seems my lot in life is to attract naked neighbors.

Palermo Hollywood: Buenos Aires’s Uber-Hip Barrio

Palermo Hollywood: Buenos Aires’s Uber-Hip Barrio

As you try to grasp Buenos Aires’s vibe, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the Palermo neighborhoods, including Palermo Hollywood, are the ultimate haps.

The Coconut Grove Marina

Benvenido a Miami!

Oh, come on, now! You didn’t think I’d write my first post about Miami and not prominently feature the finest moment in Golden Girls history, did you? Granted, the clip has nothing to do with my first 2 weeks in Coconut Grove, (and in fact, after chasing a 3-inch long cockroach out […]

There it is, folks -- all our stuff (less 2 suitcases).

Let the Adventure Begin … Tomorrow!

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya, tomorrow! My apologies. I’m prone to bursting into Little Orphan Annie’s theme song today, knowing that tomorrow — tomorrow! — is the official date of departure for my foray into location independence. Yup, in 14 hours, we’ll hit the road, not as New Yorkers leaving […]