Vieques, Take Me Away

Vieques, Take Me Away

Though this M.O. isn’t exactly intentional, by virtue of being one (curlier?) half of a duo of digital nomads, Ayaz and I are almost always each other’s only travel partners when we’re on the road. Rarely do we travel apart — unless we’re visiting our families or I’m on a […]

Credit: Plantation Adventure Center

I’m Not a Sea Cow; I’m a Manatee! (A Crystal River Road Trip)

High on my travel bucket list, somewhere between “explore Nepal” and “eat my face off in China” lay this little gem: See a manatee. That’s right. “See” one, not “swim” with one. That’s because even though manatees are gigantic, slow-moving, and apparently cruising through Florida waterways on a regular basis, […]

People finally arrived!

That Time I Was the Least Cool Kid at Art Basel’s Least Cool Party

It was a dark and stormy night. No really, it was raining cat and dogs in Miami, and there is no way in hell anything could have dragged me out of my cosy, candlelit apartment other than something epic, like a Springsteen concertĀ or … an invite to a really hip […]

Views of the Hudson Valley from Bear Mountain

New York City Day Trips: Storm King, Bear Mountain, Omega Institute

My favorite oasis outside the city is, hands down, the Hudson Valley. Nearly anywhere you choose to travel in the region is beautiful: lush, green (at least in summer), filled with artsy, quirky towns, and bee-you-ti-ful nature walks and vistas along the Hudson River.

Rodeo queens at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Parade.

Cheyenne Frontier Days: The Daddy of ‘Em All

My dream was coming true – I would attend Cheyenne Frontier Days 2015! As if watching the heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping competitions wasn’t enough, I got to climb in a bull chute and wander the arena pre-rodeo, and later stand in the chutes mere feet from some verrrry pissed off bulls during the actual rodeo (behind some very fine-looking cowboys in chaps, I might add).

A little bit of wisdom on the sidewalks of Wynwood.

You’re the Only Magic in the City

Miami is stunning, it glitters, but there’s also depth and darkness, a heavy dose of Latino passion, and a whole lot of weird. Which is why I love it.

Ribs with mac and cheese and coleslaw.

Savannah BBQ, Git in Mah Belly!

I’m a Yankee, through and through. But, dang it, if I don’t love me some good, old fashioned Southern cooking — and I found it. In Savannah.

Florida Keys Weekend Road Trip Part 2: Key West

Florida Keys Weekend Road Trip Part 2: Key West

If you’ve never been, Key West is a quirky, stranger-than-strange world. You know how Austin’s motto is “Keep Austin Weird”? Well, Key West doesn’t have to make such commands. Key West, if you dig past its bros-on-a-bar-crawl exterior, is nothing but weird. And it’s not about to change.

The beach at Founders Park, Islamorada.

Florida Keys Weekend Road Trip Part 1: Key Largo

A giant perk of living in Miami is its proximity to one of the United States’s most popular vacation destinations (well, other than Miami itself, that is): The Florida Keys. You can pack a heckuva lot into a Florida Keys weekend road trip from Miami — see what we enjoyed and why we extended our trip.

Git in mah belly, Blue Bird Bake Shop cupcake!

Orlando: More Than the Mouse

It may be the most-visited destination in the United States, but let’s face it, when most people travel to Orlando, they’re going to see Mickey, Minnie, and their character cohorts at Disney’s juggernaut of theme parks. Of course, Orlando hostsĀ loads of other theme parks (Harry Potter, anyone?), an ever-increasing number […]

Cinderella's Castle

From Walt Disney World, With Thanks

My childhood vacations to Walt Disney World are among my favorite memories. Not because of some magical, gooey family bonding experience, but because I still nearly wet my pants laughing at our shenanigans. Now, 30 years later, I returned to the scene of the, er, crimes.

Oleta River State Park kayaking

Hidden Miami: Kayaking on Biscayne Bay

Over the years, I have paddled into rocky outcrops, cave walls, and mangrove trees. I have scared small animals, water fowl, and Ayaz. Yet, I keep kayaking — and I love it.