People finally arrived!

That Time I Was the Least Cool Kid at Art Basel’s Least Cool Party

It was a dark and stormy night. No really, it was raining cat and dogs in Miami, and there is no way in hell anything could have dragged me out of my cosy, candlelit apartment other than something epic, like a Springsteen concert or … an invite to a really hip […]

A little bit of wisdom on the sidewalks of Wynwood.

You’re the Only Magic in the City

Miami is stunning, it glitters, but there’s also depth and darkness, a heavy dose of Latino passion, and a whole lot of weird. Which is why I love it.

Oleta River State Park kayaking

Hidden Miami: Kayaking on Biscayne Bay

Over the years, I have paddled into rocky outcrops, cave walls, and mangrove trees. I have scared small animals, water fowl, and Ayaz. Yet, I keep kayaking — and I love it.

Local’s Miami Beach: North Beach > South Beach

Local’s Miami Beach: North Beach > South Beach

Don’t be fooled, you would-be traveler to Miami Beach! South Beach might be the tourist epicenter of Miami Beach, but it is most certainly, NOT where it’s at. Head a few miles to North Beach — a blissful world away from South Beach’s madness.

Best of Miami: Key Biscayne

Best of Miami: Key Biscayne

Best beach, best island, best mellow vibe. Which category does Key Biscayne fit into? That’s a trick question, silly. The answer is ALL of them.

Sculpture at the Spectrum Miami show

Art Basel 2014: Miami’s Culture and Creativity Hub

The artsy chaos of Art Basel has erupted in Miami this week, with smaller festivals, shows, and parties dotting the landscape from Wynwood and Midtown to South Beach and North Beach.

Pitbull and Enrique: The Most Miami Thing to Happen in Miami, Ever

Pitbull and Enrique: The Most Miami Thing to Happen in Miami, Ever

Pitbull is a bald beacon of joy. What I didn’t know was that he’s also a bit of a philosopher. Yes, you read that right.

The "backyard."

Adventures in Subletting: Bienvenido a Mi Casa en Miami

It’s only the second week in our new Miami sublet, but you know what? I got a feeling I’m gonna me gusta mucho este casa.

Bienvenido a Miami! (as seen from my plane)

Miami is Nice, So I’ll Live There Twice… Miami!

If you read this post’s headline and immediately thought, “GOLDEN GIRLS!,” well, bravo! We should definitely be friends in real life if we’re not already, because, well, GOLDEN GIRLS.

South Beach at night

Miami After Dark (or, How I Like to Spend My Noches)

A wise man once crooned, ok, growled, “There ain’t nothin’ like Miami’s heat!” And you know what? He’s right. When Miami wants to turn up the temps, you best learn the routine: grab a beach towel, don a swimsuit and hit the nearest sandy shores. Or, you could find an […]

The Coconut Grove Marina

Benvenido a Miami!

Oh, come on, now! You didn’t think I’d write my first post about Miami and not prominently feature the finest moment in Golden Girls history, did you? Granted, the clip has nothing to do with my first 2 weeks in Coconut Grove, (and in fact, after chasing a 3-inch long cockroach out […]