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Best of Miami: Key Biscayne

Best of Miami: Key Biscayne

Best beach, best island, best mellow vibe. Which category does Key Biscayne fit into? That’s a trick question, silly. The answer is ALL of them.

Sunset over Miami

Wistful Thinking

Last week marked exactly one year since I quit my job in Manhattan and committed to forging ahead as a freelancer. I knew I was setting myself up for big changes, but I resolved to make this lifestyle work. Slowly, I slid into a path I willfully designed. It’s been […]

South Beach at night

Miami After Dark (or, How I Like to Spend My Noches)

A wise man once crooned, ok, growled, “There ain’t nothin’ like Miami’s heat!” And you know what? He’s right. When Miami wants to turn up the temps, you best learn the routine: grab a beach towel, don a swimsuit and hit the nearest sandy shores. Or, you could find an […]

The Coconut Grove Marina

Benvenido a Miami!

Oh, come on, now! You didn’t think I’d write my first post about Miami and not prominently feature the finest moment in Golden Girls history, did you? Granted, the clip has nothing to do with my first 2 weeks in Coconut Grove, (and in fact, after chasing a 3-inch long cockroach out […]