Watch out world, here we come!

When Gulls Cry (Or a trip to Cape May with Momala)

In fairness, no one could have seen the seagull coming. Then my mom let out a screech that could put the Wicked Witch of the West to shame.

Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park

Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park

When given the chance to travel to Colorado and visit Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, I straightened my imaginary cowgirl hat and said, “Westward, ho!”

Denver, Colorado

Denver: More than the Weed, Really

Take a gander at my top Denver picks from my recent trip, and let me know what I need to see and do next time!

Goodnight, New York City: A Gotham Wrap-Up

Goodnight, New York City: A Gotham Wrap-Up

I’ve happily moved on to the next chapter — Miami — but never said a proper fare-thee-well to the previous, New York City. When I arrived in June, with worldly goods packed and ready to re-immerse myself in the city that had left me in such turmoil a few short […]

The "backyard."

Adventures in Subletting: Bienvenido a Mi Casa en Miami

It’s only the second week in our new Miami sublet, but you know what? I got a feeling I’m gonna me gusta mucho este casa.

Bienvenido a Miami! (as seen from my plane)

Miami is Nice, So I’ll Live There Twice… Miami!

If you read this post’s headline and immediately thought, “GOLDEN GIRLS!,” well, bravo! We should definitely be friends in real life if we’re not already, because, well, GOLDEN GIRLS.

We're engaged!

Love is All You Need

What I couldn’t possibly have known as we drove through epic humidity and spotty thunderstorms to see a medley of apartments was that Ayaz had a certain ring burning a hole in his pocket.

(Credit: waltstoneburner via Flickr)

For Sanity’s Sake: The Art of Journaling

I’m still navigating that winding road known as life, facing joys and triumphs, fears and self-doubts. And still, all these years later, I’m writing them down, sorting them from my head to the page, by hand.

The Ocean City NJ boardwalk at sunset

Summer Down the Shore

To most mid-Atlantic dwellers “down the shore” implies sandy days at the beach, swimming in the Atlantic Ocean and sunburned noses, and evening strolls along the boardwalk complete with lotsa junk food and the occasional ride.

Some days you find t-shirts that sum up you life.

Reality Check: Can You Handle a Location Independent Lifestyle?

“Yes, there is another world. This is it.” –Stephen Dunn, poet. Let me ask you: Are you really ready for location independence? Is this really what you want?

The perfect sunset in Destin, FL.

What is a Life Extraordinary?

It’s this very blog’s tagline: Living a Life Extraordinary. It’s got me thinking: how do you want to feel each day, each year? What feelings do you want to embody to experience a full and whole and shimmering you?

The Coney Island Wonder Wheel rises over Luna Park.

Coney Island Nights: Ferris Wheel Junkies and Tilt-a-Whirl Ghosts Collide

I can’t say I love Coney Island, but I can say it stops me in my tracks, makes me think a moment. To my eye, Coney Island is a monstrous mix of gritty, glittery, weird and heartbreaking. Here’s why.