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New York City (justininsd via Flickr)

Hot Child in New York City

With my South American exploits safely behind me, it’s time to focus on the next destination in my location independent adventures: my former haunt, New York City. “Why, oh why are you returning?” The question keeps being asked. Here’s my answer…

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs...

You Say Cerrado, I Say Fechado: Learning Languages on the Road, Kinda

I totally get not already speaking a foreign language. But not trying to learn it once you’re living in the culture? That seems, shall we say … insulting.

Paraty homestay

Adventures in Subletting: The Art of the Homestay

Homestays offer travelers an affordable and comfortable accommodation alternative. I’m an advocate – I love, love, loved my homestays.

Sometimes, I actually look like this.

Travel Truths: I Look Wack When I Travel

My digital nomad style is uh-MAZE-ing. You will be jealous. You will covet my fake Prada sunglasses. You will wonder if you, too, could rock my patterned beach coverup.

Colorfully painted houses in Olinda, Brazil.

An Olinda, Brazil Tale: Fie on You, Convention! Fie on You!

My time in Olinda left me as much in love with travel and exploring this great, wide world’s nooks and crannies as I’ve ever been.

What It’s REALLY Like on the Road: A Newfangled Tale of Location Independence

What It’s REALLY Like on the Road: A Newfangled Tale of Location Independence

I recently found myself asking: Am I unhappy with this lifestyle, with uprooting myself every few months to experience a new place?

Our Rio de Janeiro sublet apartment.

Flaming Generators and 5-Minute Showers: Adventures in Short-Term Subletting

The question for many remains: what do you do when your short-term sublet fails you?

Another fiery sunset in Destin, FL.

And the Livin’ Was Easy

I’ve said before that I’m my favorite version of myself when I travel, and I want to see that side of myself again, and soon.

Introducing my new pets!

Digital Nomads and Pet Ownership: Because, Why the Heck Not?

So, I bought a pet. Actually, 2 pets. If, in fact, a betta fish can be classified as a pet (and why shouldn’t it be?!). What? Is it weird to own a pet but have no permanent address? Aw, come on…live a little! It was my birthday weekend, and perhaps […]

The Day the MacBook Air Died

The Day the MacBook Air Died

There are days in a digital nomad’s life that are very, very good. Like, when you’re cruising through the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve at Grand Teton National Park and you see a monstrous moose with velvety antlers chilling in a pond, chomping on stringy, green algae, and staring at you […]

A typically epic sunset on the Gallatin River

‘It’s so Hard to Say Goodbye’

If history teaches me anything it will be that I’m a sucker for nostalgia. I mean, look, here I am trying to write an “I’m leaving Montana, what now?” post, and all I can think about is Boyz II Men crooning their ode to farewells. Damn good song, that one. […]

Grand Canyon North Rim

A Tale of Location Independence: Why Live This Life?

People often wonder what the great benefit is that I reap from location independence, or why on Earth I’d give everything up, home included, to live life as a digital nomad. Most days, as I’ve explained, look fairly similar, with many hours of work under my belt, and perhaps the […]